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GPU Rigs

A great way to start out your cryptocurrency mining experience is by investing in the right mining GPUs. A mining machine is worth nothing without its GPU and you can find the best at NetSev.

A GPU is far more efficient than a CPU when it comes to mining cryptocurrency. When the industry first started growing, miners relied on CPUs to do the work but their slow processing didn’t provide the kind of profits miners were after. When programmable GPUs became available, miners found that they worked faster than the CPU and eventually rigs were changed to accommodate GPUs.

While a GPU might be fast while processing encryptions, it is still not quite as fast as compared to the processing speed of an ASIC miner. That being said, if you opt for a GPU processing machine, you won’t be without profit. This setup will still help you make money and they are still one of the best components the average Bitcoin miner can invest in.

A GPU is a piece of hardware that is generally found in all computers. One of the great things about using a GPU as mining hardware is that it is more versatile than your other hardware components. This means that if you should decide to mine something other than Bitcoin, you won’t have to buy new machinery if you have set up your rig to handle more than one currency.

To date there are thousands of different currencies that you can mine, so why limit your profit making to just Bitcoin?

Why invest in quality GPUs?

There are all kinds of different GPUs on the market. A quick look at the reviews will give you hundreds of GPUs to compare. When buying, you need to be sure that you are not only purchasing a durable GPU but also one that is right for the job. You won’t be gaming with this GPU, it is going to be used solely for mining. So you need to be sure that you make the quality of your GPU your biggest priority.

Cryptomining involves solving equations. This takes up a lot of processing power and, of course, the GPU needs to be able to keep up with the demand of the processing. For this reason, many miners end up tearing through GPUs because they have either not invested in the right one for the job or because they are now processing more equations than they originally set out to. Should you be unsure of which GPU is best, have a chat with us.

Why trust NetSev?

As a reliable company selling everything you need in order to make your cryptocurrency mining experience a success, NetSev is the best company to buy your mining equipment from. Along with selling affordable mining machines, we also sell a variety of quality mining GPUs. The best way to make sure that you get the right GPU for your mining is to talk to the experts while also doing a lot of online research.

If you are the average cryptocurrency miner, going the GPU route could be right for you. Talk to NetSev today to find out more about the mining options and hardware that we currently have available. Buy your GPU online and we’ll deliver it for free! Be sure to find out more about the warranties backing our products.