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What We Do Best

I have had a great experience with Phillip and Jaco (Netsev)  they are transparent and have delivered on every promise


Mark Mason

I, Lindy van der Schyff would hereby like to recommend Netsev Solutions (Pty)Ltd to any company or individual who is interested in Bitcoin machine purchases.  I have on two occasions, worked with the company in purchasing an Antminer L3+ as well as a Baikal Giant X10.

On both occasions I was fully informed on the workings of the machines and had all the information needed to make the correct choice for my specific need.  I was kept up to date regarding every aspect of the purchase and all queries were tended to immediately.

Netsev Solutions (Pty)Ltd has also offered to host my machines, which is a hassle free option for myself and fits in well with my already full schedule. My machines are always up and running, and I am informed of all happenings at all times.  No hassle for me and my machines are earning me good money.

I would recommend this company to everyone looking for great service and even better after-service.

Yours truly,

Very satisfied client

Lindy van der Schyff